color transition manicure

The onset of winter cold is not a reason for indifference to hands and nails. According to stylists, even when wearing gloves, the nails and skin of the hands should be neat and well-groomed. Therefore, a stylish manicure does not lose its relevance with the advent of the new season. This year, a manicure with a color transition has become very popular. By the way, this style of nails has become a trend in the hot season. The name of this type of manicure was given by different ones — ombre, gradient, marble. In addition, the type of transitions can also be different. A smooth transition of color in a manicure refers to a romantic style, and a sharp one to shocking or extravagant. But, of course, the colors themselves also play a big role. You can use shades of different colors or make a transition from one tone to another. Also, there can be several transitions or one. They can be both horizontal and vertical. As a rule, a manicure with a horizontal transition has smoother or blurred color borders. The transition of colors on the nails can be chaotic or abstract, but this style is more suitable for the warm season. But in any case, a manicure with a color transition is stylish and beautiful.

How to make a manicure with a color transition?

You can easily make a manicure with a color transition even from a photo of a high-quality master class. However, there are several ways. The first, most common, way to apply transitional colors with a sponge. To begin with, it must be dipped in pre-prepared mixed varnishes, and then quickly transferred to the nails. The second, easiest way is to create a transition on the nails with the help of sparkles. And the third method is considered the most convenient. In this case, you can not do without an applicator for shadows. The technique for applying varnish is the same as in the first case. But with the help of the applicator, the manicure is done more accurately.

After you choose a method to make a manicure with a color transition, do not forget that at the end you need to fix the colors with a colorless varnish. If you do not do this, then the structure of the nail will not become smooth, and this can bring inconvenience in everyday life. In addition, the fixer perfectly smooths out imperfections in the transition and makes it smoother.

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