yellow dress manicure

An integral part of a woman’s image is not only a beautiful dress, but also a manicure that complements and completes the image. Summer is characterized by bright, catchy colors. This season’s favorite is yellow. A woman in a dress of this color will look charming, fresh, extraordinary. And what kind of manicure to make under a yellow dress? We will talk about this today.

Recommendations for choosing a manicure for a yellow dress

A manicure for a yellow dress should be neat and natural. But choosing the color of nail polish in the same tone as the dress is erroneous. You can’t do this, because when you put your hands on your knees, you get the impression that you are without nails. They just blend into the dress.

An excellent option is a pale pink or colorless varnish. Irresistible «classic of the genre» — French manicure. A fashionable note for brave girls who love the liveliness of colors will be yellow lacquer on the tips of the nails. Although stylists do not recommend blondes to use such a manicure under an evening yellow dress, since the whole image will look monotonous and monotonous.

A combination of yellow and red for brown-haired women and brunettes is well suited, and blondes can also use it. Yellow and red colors are suitable for confident and courageous women who stubbornly go towards their goal. Do not forget about the blue-blue color, which will perfectly complement the manicure to the yellow dress.

When choosing a varnish color palette for a beautiful manicure under a yellow dress, it is important not only to determine the desired range, but do not forget about the saturation of colors. This knowledge can be used when creating an image or when choosing a color and pattern for a manicure.

A manicure under a yellow dress will look spectacular, using black, gray and white shades. This nail design always looks irresistible and bright.

But the main rule of good manners at all times was considered a sense of proportion. One bright accent will look stylish, and not a riot of colors. A complex nail pattern will look more advantageous against the background of a plain outfit. And vice versa, it is better to emphasize a yellow dress with an ornament with a properly selected one-color manicure.

And one more important detail — when creating a manicure for a yellow dress, it is better not to use many colors, because from a certain distance it will look fuzzy and cloudy. It is also recommended to make an original design on one or two nails of the hand, and not on all at once.

In a word, choose the image that you like and in which you are comfortable.

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