manicure with lace

Few fashionistas will refuse stylish and neat nail art. In general, manicure has long ceased to be just a hygienic procedure and has turned into a way to complement the image, decoration, and even a “calling card” of a woman. A huge variety of manicure techniques, decor and styles allows any fashionista to choose a manicure to her liking.

In this article we will talk about everyday and wedding manicure with lace.

French manicure with lace

French manicure with lace is a great option for a wedding manicure. But it’s perfect for everyday wear too. It is important to remember the need for a harmonious combination of nail style and the rest of the image. The most versatile options for manicure are white and black lace.

Bold girls who are ready for experiments can decorate their hands with manicure with red, purple, green or blue lace.

You can also use the openwork pattern selectively — only on one or two nails.

Lunar manicure in an openwork design looks no less impressive.

How to make a manicure using lace?

There are two techniques for performing manicure using lace. In the first case, a strip of lace fabric serves as a kind of stencil — varnish is applied to it, and the fabric is gently pressed against the prepared nail. It is very important that the movements are clear and the pattern is not smeared. After the print is completely dry, the nail is covered with clear varnish or a special top coat.

The second way is gluing. This will require pieces of lace and a special non-toxic nail glue. Nail plates must be prepared — covered with a transparent protective base, and, if desired, also with colored varnish. The glue is evenly distributed over the nail, and lace is applied and pressed on top of it. Excess tissue is cut to the shape of the nail (it is advisable to additionally smear the edges with glue). For this type of manicure, you can use a special false lace, or any openwork fabric that is suitable in density and pattern. There is no need to cover the dried lace with varnish, although if you wish, you can additionally apply a special protective compound (top) on your nails.

Another way to get a beautiful lace pattern on natural nails is painting. To do this, you will need a painting brush, colored varnishes, cotton swabs, and nail polish remover (to correct bad lines). Choose any lace motif you like and copy it onto a pre-prepared nail. Of course, these will not be real lace, but with a fairly neat and careful execution, such a manicure looks excellent.

Those who find hand-painting too complicated and time-consuming will like ready-made manicure stickers with openwork motifs. But such stickers are not suitable for everyday manicure due to weak stability, fragility.

In addition to lace, you can decorate nails with rhinestones, golden threads or satin ribbons, bows. At the same time, it is important not to overdo it and not turn the tenderness and grace of lace into cheap vulgarity.

Most often, a manicure with lace is done on extended nails using the “aquarium” technique, because in this way it is possible to achieve maximum durability and durability of the result.

In the gallery you can see examples of manicure with lace.

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