how to paint nails

Many girls consider their image incomplete without a successful and modern manicure. So, how is it fashionable to paint nails now?

The main trends of fashionable manicure this season

Consider the main types of stylish and fashionable manicure this season. One of the most fashionable shades this fall will be burgundy, which can also be combined with gold and black.

If you need an understanding of how to stylishly paint your nails, you should turn to golden hues, which have always symbolized wealth and luxury. You can paint the entire nail in gold, or you can draw thin stripes. Echoing with gold motifs, a manicure of such a color as metallic comes into fashion. We remember only one feature — metallic matte shades are relevant this season.

How fashionable to paint your nails using a moon manicure, which has been in trend for several seasons? At the roots, we leave the nail unpainted; this place unaffected by varnish should be in the shape of a semicircle or resembling a point.

Do not forget that everything natural is in fashion now. The same applies to manicure, so flesh and transparent colors will be relevant.

Another feature of this season is a manicure in the form of two halves. The nail is divided into parts that are painted in different colors. Moreover, these parts do not have to be equal in size: one may be larger than the other, or the division may be diagonal. In addition, three or more strips can be used. In general, turn on the fantasy, and boldly proceed to creativity.

So, in order to understand how to make up your nails fashionably this fall, it is worth studying the main world trends. However, this is not the main thing. Do not be afraid to experiment, forget about complexes and make a creative and bright manicure. Or maybe you are more suitable for nails painted in natural pastel colors, which is also relevant this year.

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