Glitter nails

Everyone knows that shimmer and shine always attracts women’s looks. Often, our fashionistas want to dilute the cloudy and dull days with brilliance and radiance. To do this, you just need to do a manicure with sparkles.

Glitter nail extension

Glitter nails are quite popular among fashionistas. Glitter nails have a lot of different design options. They can be short and long, transparent and colored. You can also arrange them in the form of a brilliant jacket.

Nails will look very fashionable and effective if, for example, you take a shiny base and apply a pattern to it. For greater convenience, glitter should be mixed with building material (acrylic or gel).

Transparent nails with sparkles with or without a pattern also look very festive and elegant. You can choose the color of the sequin individually depending on your outfit. It can be one-color, or you can mix several colors — it will turn out quite fun and enchanting.

Beautiful glitter nails

Beautiful nails with sparkles on any holiday, and beyond it, the key to your success. Since not everyone has the opportunity to visit beauty salons, and everyone wants to look their best, the easiest way is to use glitter nail polish.

You don’t have to put in much effort for this. You only need a little time, base coat, colored polish, glitter polish or dry glitter.

Give yourself a manicure and give your nails the desired shape. Push the cuticle back a little with an orange stick and apply the base under the varnish. Then, if you want transparent nails, apply a second layer of base, and if you want colored nails, apply colored varnish. If you have dry glitter, then, without waiting for drying, sprinkle your nails with them, and then gently brush off the excess with a brush. If you have glitter polish, wait for it to dry and apply glitter polish on top. We are waiting for drying and the manicure is ready.

The most win-win option for any occasion can be black glitter nails and red glitter nails. Black and red color looks great on nails. Moreover, the length of the nail does not matter. These two colors are great for both short nails and long ones.

Back in 2013, nails with large sequins came into fashion. This design has won the hearts of many girls and women, and to this day they do not part with such a design of marigolds.

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