glitter nail design

Glitter manicure looks bright, elegant and festive. In addition, glitter nail designs are popular this season and are used by stylists to create looks that are brilliant in every way.

Beautiful glitter nail design — original ideas

Going to your favorite master, you can think in advance how your nails will look after a manicure room. Of course, it is worth considering not only your own preferences, but also fashion trends:

  1. Since the trend is a neat, close to natural manicure with short almond-shaped nails, the design of short nails with sparkles is something that is ideal for both a work suit and an evening dress.
  2. The design of extended nails with sparkles is suitable for special occasions, evening outings. You will not go unnoticed, especially if the sequins will echo the color of the handbag or shoes.
  3. French nails with sparkles are also quite interesting, they look stylish. French glitter nail design can be very diverse — sparkling particles cover or highlight with a straight or curly line both the tip of the nail and, conversely, its central part,
  4. Glitter gel nails are in great demand — this type of manicure is very convenient, as it lasts a couple of weeks, allowing a woman to look well-groomed without unnecessary time and financial costs. Shellac nail design with sparkles is an opportunity to remain a real beauty in any situation, a representative of the beautiful half of humanity who respects and loves herself.
  5. Trendy today are patterns on nails with sparkles, which are also used to achieve various effects, for example, to give expressiveness or volume, to highlight any part of the nail.

«Shiny» nails — tips for self-manicure

First of all, you should know that glitters differ in their size and method of application. They emit multi-colored dust, colored sand and larger glue-based glitters, glitters can also be part of the varnish. In order to ennoble your nails you will need:

  • several types of varnish, including base varnish and fixing varnish;
  • brushes for both coating and priming;
  • nail polish remover and cotton pads.

When buying varnish, pay attention to its smell — it should not be sharp and consistency — it should not be thick. Get brushes of different sizes and purposes — they are inexpensive, but play an important role in creating a good manicure.

It is quite easy to make a nail design with large and small sparkles, if you follow the recommendations:

  1. Apply a base coat on your nails and wait until it is completely dry, otherwise the coating may disappoint with unevenness.
  2. When you apply glitter, your hands must be dry, otherwise you will be washed off from the sparks all over your body for a long time.
  3. Before applying glitter, dip the brush into the fixing varnish.
  4. If at first it is difficult to use a brush for applying sparkles, then you can use a manicure stick, hairpin, toothpick.
  5. Another method of applying glitter is “dry”. On a fan brush, draw the substance and gently shake it off, tapping the brush with your fingers, on the desired area of ​​the already painted nail.
  6. You can also use special glue, which covers the fragments of the nail, glitter is applied with a dry brush, and after a while the excess is removed by simple blowing.
  7. An elementary and win-win option is that you apply varnish on your nails, and then alternately lower them into a jar of sparkles.

Be sure to take these tips into service, but do not forget about fantasy, which can make your image unique and radiant.

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