In 2015, the French manicure, which is the brainchild of the founder of the Orly brand in 1976, can often be seen on the nails of fashionistas. For more than three decades, the classic version has undergone changes. Nail art masters experimented with color combinations, the size of the elements and their shape, inhaling fresh solutions into the manicure. What will be the fashionable French manicure in 2015?

New 2015

The classic jacket is a transparent base and a free tip of the nail plate painted white. Time has no power over the traditional jacket. In any situation, this manicure will look appropriate and stylish, but sometimes you really want something new! Especially when it comes to creating an evening look or an important event where you need to look impeccable. Considering the novelties of 2015, it is hard not to notice the trend — jacket with openwork patterns or rhinestones. Manicure looks spectacular with the use of varnish under the main color of the outfit.

Although black jacket it cannot be called universal, both a young girl and a mature woman can afford such a catchy manicure. An excellent combination is black varnish and a golden or silver tip of the marigold. The boundary between the base and the edging can be blurry.

The spring-summer period is the best time for bright outfits, so color french in 2015 will be popular. Stylists focus the attention of girls on the fact that the second color of varnish can decorate not only the tips of the nails, but also the holes at their bases. In addition, the width of the strip can vary from 2-3 millimeters to one centimeter. And even more! A decorative element can take the form of not only a strip, but also an inverted triangle, semicircle or curve.

New french decoration patterns cannot be called, but this is not displayed on the popularity of such a manicure. It will not be superfluous for girls to remember that an elegant universal French manicure does not tolerate fussiness and congestion with patterns.

Bouillons, special stickers, rhinestones, metallic stripes and velvet sand can be used as decor. Do not forget that the optimal length of the free edge of the nail plate for a jacket does not exceed 5-6 millimeters.

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