beautiful french nails with a pattern

Every fashionista knows that a jacket is a French manicure that is relevant at all times. Its versatility allows you to use this design with clothes of any style and color. Every year there are small fashionable modifications, although some types remain relevant at any time.

Classic french

The most common and favorite type of jacket is classic white. But it is not at all necessary that the nails are covered only with colorless and white varnishes. For example, you can always diversify a white jacket by making it with an interesting pattern.

Most often, a white jacket is chosen by brides. In this case, a jacket with lace will look very gentle on the nails. Although you can decorate it with tiny rhinestones, stucco and drawings of lilies and other flowers suitable for the bride.

French gel nails with a pattern

A departure from the classics are nails with a black jacket, which can also be supplemented with a pattern. And it is not necessary to be limited only to black — you can safely experiment with several colors and combine black with red, white, gold.

No less popular in the new season are nails with a red jacket with a pattern. In this case, the pattern can be geometric, abstract, or the pattern can be only on a few nails. For example, it can be butterflies, ladybugs, bees, flowers painted on two nails.

As an option for a non-standard French nail design with a pattern — kittens and footprints, a rose and fallen petals. If you want to emphasize your individuality, you can depict funny cartoons, cute bear cubs or just emoticons and funny faces on your nails.

French nail design

French nails can be of various shapes and sizes — from classic small semi-circular nails to extremely long and sharp ones. It all depends on your tastes and preferences, as well as on the length and shape of the fingers themselves.

Do not forget that it is important enough to choose the right shape of nails for your hand so that they only emphasize all the advantages, and do not highlight all the shortcomings — short or crooked fingers, the ugly shape of your nails, and so on.

Sharp French nails with a pattern

Strictly speaking, in the new season, unnaturally long and sharp nails are not quite in trend. Nowadays, all designers, and not only nail designers, strive to make girls more natural, to reveal their inner, natural beauty. But if you are already a lover of extreme sports and always strive to be extraordinary, then you can build up sharp nails and choose the most suitable drawing for yourself.

For example, a snake print looks very unusual on such nails. Various plant motifs also look good. For brides, a light lace gossamer is suitable. Sharp nails with a jacket can be decorated with rhinestones of various colors, depending on the color of the chosen varnish.

Even sharp «animal» nails can be made feminine and tender if you apply the appropriate pattern to them. For example, delicate flowers with tiny patches of rhinestones. It can also be an abstraction — depending on the chosen color combination, nails can look either aggressive or feminine.

Semicircular nails — colored jacket with a pattern

Perhaps this option is the most beautiful, since such French nails with a pattern, natural in shape and size, look very attractive at all times. The options for drawings on such nails are not limited in any way.

If we talk about materials, it is preferable to make drawings not with varnishes, but with acrylic paints with the addition of sparkles, modeling, stones and real lace. Of course, only a professional can create a truly beautiful design and drawing, since this requires skill and a lot of special tools. But the result will certainly please you and please you for a long time, because a jacket with a pattern sometimes lasts for more than one week.

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