what manicure is in fashion 2015

What kind of manicure in 2015 is now in fashion — this question is probably asked by all fashionistas, without exception, who are accustomed to paying attention to the little things and nuances of their image. Beautiful well-groomed hands are no longer a tribute to fashion, but an objective necessity. As before, various variations on the theme of French manicure that have long come into fashion, as well as nails with gel polish that have recently become popular, remain relevant.

Shape, length, color manicure 2015

So, answering the question, what kind of manicure 2015 is in fashion, the masters of manicure art identify several main trends:

  • neat shape of nails;
  • bright colors;
  • geometry of drawings;
  • simultaneous coexistence of classic and cutting-edge trends in nail design;
  • attraction to nature.

Dwelling on the length of the nails in more detail, it is worth saying that the 2015 manicure fashion considers the optimal length to be approximately 0.5 centimeters, which is the main trend this season. The shape is also given special attention and the most preferred options are semicircular or almond-shaped. The fashion for square-edged nails is slowly fading away, and many nail art designers consider it rough and unnatural.

If everything is very clear with the shape and length, then another, no less important question arises about what color of manicure 2015 is in fashion. Experts unanimously speak about the all-season relevance of wine, burgundy shade, which has become a real discovery of the fashion world this year. However, he is worthy of competition with all the pastel colors that fit any style of clothing. Along with this, you can not ignore the group of bright, juicy summer colors: mint, blue, orange, lilac and green.

Trends for fashionable manicure 2015

Fashion trends for manicure in 2015 combined fresh ideas and traditions that have already become classics. So, among the most relevant it is worth highlighting:

  • French manicure using not only the usual white varnish, but also all possible colors;
  • space manicure, which will surely become the choice of daring natures who prefer complex combinations of blue sand lacquer and acrylic paints. Many designers are ready to do the work according to the sketch, and therefore every fashionista can come up with her own design or try to create a cosmic masterpiece on her nails using transparent varnishes with sparkles, dark tones and thin brushes;
  • stamping — a manicure using special stencils — impresses with its complex geometry, and its popularity is growing every day. Experienced masters or girls with artistic talent create, using a stamping kit and their own imagination, unusual patterns on nails;
  • gradient is another characteristic of the 2015 manicure fashion, its main feature is the transition from color to color;
  • the combination of two texture types of varnish — matte and glossy does not cease to be relevant. This combination, especially when using contrasting colors, looks stylish and unusual;
  • fashion 2015 is unthinkable without gel polish manicure, which lasts a long time, does not lose its luster and allows you to experiment with different color combinations;
  • thermal varnish is another novelty of this season, surprising fashionistas with its main feature — we change colors depending on the ambient temperature. For example, if a red-brown varnish is held in a warm room, its tone will become bright scarlet.

Thus, the variety of trends and possibilities, the boundless imagination of nail art masters and fashionistas, who sometimes prefer to come up with their own sketches and drawings, set the most unusual trends for what kind of manicure is in fashion in 2015, however, for all its originality, nails must look natural. .

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