turquoise manicure

Despite the fact that bright colors, unusual and contrasting combinations are becoming increasingly popular in the field of nail design, the classics are not losing ground. For example, Tiffany-style turquoise manicure is still in the top ten most fashionable and popular ways to decorate nails. And for those who like to experiment, stylists have developed many other interesting techniques using this shade.

Classic manicure with turquoise lacquer

The Tiffany-inspired colorway is a pastel mint shade of turquoise. This design looks very gentle and romantic, suitable for any age and style. It is advisable to choose the right outfit when performing it, but it is not at all necessary to dress in all turquoise. A small detail or one object of the corresponding color is enough, even a watch strap.

It is worth noting that the classic turquoise manicure looks better on short nails. Visually, it corrects their shape and slightly lengthens them.

Turquoise manicure with a pattern

The uniqueness of the considered tone of varnish lies in its versatility. Turquoise is suitable for almost all colors and patterns, so there are no limits for variations.

The following patterns are perfectly combined with turquoise manicure:

  • lace, especially black;
  • zigzags;
  • circles (manicure «polka dots»);
  • bows;
  • strokes;
  • flowers and climbing stems;
  • cobweb (reminiscent of a pattern on natural turquoise stones);
  • leopard;
  • geometry.

In addition, you can decorate a turquoise manicure with any available accessories, for example, rhinestones, shimmer, artificial sand, large azure sparkles. The main thing is that the nails are ideal for the chosen image and outfit.

Gradient manicure in turquoise tones

To create such a design, you will need several, at least three, turquoise lacquers. If desired, you can make the transition of the described tone to blue, black or indigo.

It is easy to perform a gradient turquoise manicure at home — it is enough to have a soft foam rubber sponge, a nail polish remover, the necessary set of colors and a little time.

The following transitional combinations with turquoise look beautiful:

  • blue, blue;
  • indigo, black;
  • light blue, azure;
  • pale green, rich green.

Turquoise moon manicure

Covering the nails in this technique involves painting the hole with a contrasting varnish in relation to the surface of the rest of the plate. In the case of turquoise, the following shades are ideal:

  • black;
  • golden;
  • blue;
  • metallic or silver;
  • brown;
  • indigo.

The hole can be drawn both along natural lines, and its size can be artificially increased to emphasize the contrast of the selected varnishes.

Turquoise manicure with white and other shades

The most popular way to reproduce this combination is a French manicure, in which the edge of the nail is white and the rest of the surface is turquoise (you can do it vice versa). Similarly, black, purple, dark blue, gold and silver polish looks good with the chosen shade.

A manicure with a pattern on 1-2 nails looks interesting and fresh, while other plates have a plain coating. In such situations, turquoise manicure is combined with pink, red, yellow, green, orange, lilac, burgundy brown. True, in this case, floral curly patterns, clear geometric patterns or animal prints are desirable. The listed shades are not suitable for performing a gradient, lace patterns, moon and French nail design techniques.

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