trendy nail polish colors 2015

With the advent of each new season, stylists offer new fresh looks, interesting make-up and nail art ideas, and unusual hairstyles. Today we will pay attention to fashionable manicure, which the masters presented at the beginning of 2015.

Of course, the relevance of manicure primarily depends on the color of the varnish that covers the nails. By the way, the length, shape and texture of the nail is a matter of taste for every fashionista. But the design should be chosen in accordance with fashion trends.

Actual colors of nail polish 2015

The colors of nail polish 2015 are represented by a fairly extensive selection, which makes it possible to remain individual. Also, a wide range of fashionable palette for nail art makes it possible to be stylish, based on personal preferences, character and type of temperament. What color of nail polish will be fashionable in 2015?

Intense red. The trendiest nail polish color of 2015 is a bold and contrasting shade of red. Such nails always attract attention and successfully complete both a casual look and an evening outfit. Despite the fact that red lacquer is not relevant for the first season, its popularity is still high.

natural pastel colors. Natural manicure is one of the most popular types of nail design this season. Light shades of brown, milky, pink — these are the actual colors of nail polish 2015. Classic French manicure is also in fashion, which is popular for delicate images for every day or romantic bows.

Lilac gamma. The trend of the 2015 season is purple nail polish. According to stylists, it is the shades of lilac, lilac, plum and eggplant that are the most popular this year. The lilac range of colors allows you to make both a manicure in a gentle romantic style and an evening design. In addition, the purple color is relevant both in the wardrobe and in the art of make-up.

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