Three tools for the perfect manicure and pedicure


Manicure nippers

The exact assistant of the specialist and not only. In the absence of it, it is difficult to imagine the implementation of a traditional and combined manicure. Since the quality of the result and the safety of work depend on the pliers, we conclude that it is necessary to take the issue of choice seriously.

Nail clippers are an excellent replacement for nail scissors. Larger and stronger than nail scissors, these pliers are used to work on delicate cuticles, rough skin, and hard and rough nails. It is with the help of powerful blades (the length of which varies from 5 to 15 mm) that they can process any surface with minimal pain.


This sample consists of two parts: 1) Straight file 2) Curved corner.

With these sides you can create the perfect manicure/pedicure. This tool can be used for hygienic care, as well as in pathology to solve a variety of problems. Pedicure accessories are an indispensable aid in the well-groomed feet to the fingertips.


This is a manicure tool, on the one hand, shaped like a spatula, on the other hand, various modifications: hatchet, spatula, etc.

This tool is an excellent helper to overcome difficult procedures, to treat nail imperfections and ingrown nails.

An important aspect of these manicure tools is the material.

An excellent option is a mechanism made of medical stainless steel that will withstand any disinfection and re-sharpening.


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