The most fashionable manicure 2015


In order for the image to be completely complete, as well as perfect, it is important to remember the most fashionable manicure that pleases the 2015 season. A long time ago, colored jacket and varnishes with the effect of a cat’s eye. But the fashion of the 60s is back again. Although not to ignore the novelties in the form of geometric nail art, as well as a manicure under the mysterious name undone.

What is the most fashionable manicure in 2015?

  1. nude. Those who have delicate flesh-colored pumps in their wardrobe know how versatile these shoes are. So, this season, the glamorous Olympus gave the palm to light pink, peach and beige. After all, a huge advantage of nude is its practicality.
  2. Merlot and shades of passion. To date, dark burgundy, wine has been recognized as the most fashionable color of manicure in 2015. In addition, it is so popular that the most famous designers were inspired by its shade, creating an entire clothing line.
  3. Moonlight Sonata. Nail-art, the opposite of French manicure, moonlight, is back in fashion. A mix of contrasting colors, metallic color inserts will look especially stylish. The main thing to remember about their harmonious combination.
  4. ombre. In this case, it is better to give preference to pastel colors. Although, if you want something bright, saturated, then red, golden, burgundy will be very useful.
  5. Undone. This option will appeal to those who are crazy about minimalism. So, the nail plate is covered with a transparent varnish. Then, on any one side, all kinds of lines, squares, geometric shapes are depicted. Definitely, such a manicure looks very impressive.
  6. caviar design. Lovers of 3D manicure will clearly approve of such an innovation. It is nothing more than a coating of microbeads. Of course, as an everyday nail art, it is unlikely to fit, but as an addition to the evening look, it will be just right.


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