Summer Manicure Ideas

Summer is conducive to relaxation and bright colors. Summer manicure ideas for short and long nails offered by nail art masters and designers inspire fashion experiments. Do you want something unusual? We offer bright beautiful summer manicure ideas that deserve attention.

Summer season trends

Every year, the collection of manicure techniques and color schemes is replenished with new ideas that are embodied on female nails. In recent seasons, the desire for simplicity and elegance is clearly visible. The ideas of a simple summer manicure are concise, bordering on naturalness. As a daily option, many girls choose a pastel manicure that looks great on nails of any length. This trend is dictated by a return to the fashion of the seventies, when designers relied on femininity and naturalness. Well-groomed nails covered with powdery pink, pale blue, muted yellow or pearl lacquer allow you to wear clothes of any color, as they are not an accent of the image, harmoniously complementing it. These shades, associated with tenderness, adorn the fingers, do not distract attention from rings and bracelets.

White color deserves special attention in the summer season. Its purity, lightness and radiance embody the atmosphere of summer. The simplest ideas for a white summer manicure can be implemented without the services of a master. All you have to do is cover your nails with white polish! However, it should be borne in mind that such a manicure will not be left without attention, so the nails and hands as a whole must be in perfect condition. You can diversify a white manicure with rhinestones, special stickers, glitter varnish applied to the free ends of the nail plates or at their base.

When else to experiment with bright colors, if not in the summer? This is the right time for a riot of colors on female nails. If neon colors seem too provocative or age-appropriate, it is worth borrowing bright summer manicure ideas from artists who offer nail designs in a more restrained style. Actual bright red, mother-of-pearl, yellow, deep blue, turquoise shades, which are appropriate both on the beach and at a party. The so-called metallic manicure of silver, gold, copper, emerald and dark blue color still does not go out of fashion.

Fashion summer design

If everything is very clear with the choice of colors and shades of manicure that are fashionable in the summer season, then the situation with the design is not so unambiguous. The stylists are divided into two camps. The former are categorically against any elements that complicate the perception of the main color of the manicure, while others consider the monochromatic coating to be boring and inexpressive. And this means that the girls have a complete carte blanche! Do you like to experiment with multi-colored jacket? Are you crazy about moon manicure? Can’t resist colorful stickers and rhinestones? Summer gives all girls the opportunity to embody bold ideas! The trend is geometric and floral patterns, fruit and lace motifs. All these summer manicure ideas can be implemented with shellac gel polish and less expensive analogues. But one rule is still worth following: too long nails are bad manners!

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