smart nail enamel

Smart enamel — this is not the name of a cosmetic nail care product, but the name of a whole series for manicure, developed by the American company Frenchy. Almost all major brands that produce varnishes have an analogue of Smart nail enamel, these are the so-called hardeners. But it was Frenchie’s products that gained particular popularity.

How useful is Smart Nail Enamel?

Smart enamel will appeal to those of us who want to tidy up our own natural nails. Manufacturers promise that these funds will make you forget about extended nails and trips to a manicurist. And, it is worth noting that he keeps his word — almost everyone who has tried the nail hardener Smart enamel noted its effectiveness. The product contains calcium and a whole complex of vitamins that accelerate the growth of the nail and prevent delamination. The varnish creates a dense coating that protects against the negative effects of the environment, but at the same time does not interfere with the access of oxygen. Using the repairer of damaged nails Smart enamel is quite simple:

  1. Shake the bottle with a hardener, warm it a little in your palms.
  2. Paint your nails in one layer, wait for it to dry completely and apply another layer of nail enamel.
  3. After the coating has completely hardened, you can use a colored varnish, or a transparent finish.
  4. In the event that you did not paint your nails with varnish over smart enamel, the procedure should be repeated every other day, after removing the coating with nail polish remover without acetone.

Smart enamel for strengthening nails with regular use can significantly thicken the nail plate and make it elastic. You will forget that once your nails exfoliated and broke off!

Types of Smart Nail Enamel

Girls love variety, so the manufacturer expands the line of Smart enamel care products every year. Today, Frenchy presents the following types of products on the market:

  • 3 in 1 tool (base for varnish, nail hardener, top coat);
  • Diamond base and coating;
  • Restorer of damaged nails;
  • Complex 7 for strengthening;
  • Means for the correction of heterogeneous nails;
  • Base-corrector;
  • Increased growth stimulator;
  • Super protective coating;
  • Drying;
  • Moisturizing gel-strengthener;
  • Nail Hardener and Ultra-Plus Hardener;
  • A tool that creates the effect of wet nails;
  • Several cuticle products.

We will not consider all the listed cosmetic products in the article, we will focus only on the most effective and popular ones. First of all, it is Smart enamel for nail growth, that is, a growth stimulator. The tool contains natural collagen and a complex of micro- and macroelements, which helps to more rapidly develop new horny epithelial cells. As a result, nails begin to grow 2-3 times faster than usual, and the quality of the nail plate improves significantly.

Popular with professionals smart enamel hardenerManicure enjoys Correction of heterogeneous nails Smart enamel. With this tool, you will forget about ribbed nails, longitudinal and transverse grooves. Enamel gently fills in all the recesses and makes the nails perfectly smooth, preparing them for applying varnish. With regular use, the relief of the nail plate is leveled and no longer needs the application of corrective agents.

Diamond products are primarily designed to protect against external damage and injury. These products are very popular among dancers, actors, people who are fond of various types of hand-made and women who work a lot with their hands.

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