silicone hand gloves

Recently, women prefer home spa treatments to visiting the salon. This saves not only material resources, but also precious time. One of the innovative devices in this area are silicone gloves for hands. They are intended for emergency moisturizing and nourishing the skin, which is especially important in anticipation of winter frosts and cold winds.

How do silicone cosmetic hand moisturizing gloves work?

The considered accessories for SPA-care are cotton gloves with a special inner lining made of polymer gel. It contains vegetable oils (grape seed, jojoba, olive, lavender), ceramides and vitamins.

Wearing gloves provides the following effects:

  • cleansing the skin of toxins;
  • healing of minor injuries, cracks;
  • elimination of puffiness, peeling;
  • deep nutrition, hydration;
  • intensification of melanin production;
  • improved absorption of vitamin D by the skin;
  • increase in elasticity, elasticity;
  • regulation of the functions of sweat glands;
  • normalization of water and fat balance;
  • smoothing, smoothing the skin relief;
  • stimulation of cell regeneration.

All such accessories are designed for approximately 50 times of use, after which the gel loses the listed properties, since with each use the concentration of nourishing and moisturizing components in it gradually decreases.

Which Moisturizing Silicone Gloves Should You Buy?

The most famous and advertised manufacturer of the products described is the network company Faberlic. In addition to gloves, the company offers silicone socks with a similar effect.

The devices of this manufacturer are highly effective, have good quality and show excellent results. The only drawback is the overpriced accessories. Therefore, women prefer to buy cheaper (2-4 times) silicone gloves and gel-impregnated socks from other brands:

  • SPA Belle;
  • Molecule SPA;
  • GelSmart;
  • medolla;
  • silicone cosmetic gloves

  • TianDe;
  • Rolanjona;
  • Clear;
  • Naomi;
  • freshcare;
  • Clarette SPA;
  • Luxury Thecure.

Given that the manufacturing technology of the considered hand care devices is not very complicated, they are produced by many other, less well-known companies, usually from China. Therefore, in order to save money, you can find exactly the same gloves without a label.

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