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Which of the fair sex does not dream of boasting perfectly manicured nails? We think there are few such women. But here’s the problem — working women, and even burdened by the household, do not always manage to find time for a manicure. But do not despair, because CND has long pleased the world with a wonderful gel polish that can stay on nails for not a day or two, but a full one and a half to two weeks. And what cannot but rejoice is that in order to apply shellac (namely, the brainchild of CND has such a name), it is not at all necessary to go to the salon, you can paint your nails with them at home. The only thing that must be purchased is a special lamp for drying shellac, because without it the gel cannot polymerize.

What lamp is needed to dry shellac?

In order for the shellac applied to the nails to harden, it is necessary to place it in the ultraviolet range for some time. Only under their influence will shellac acquire the required hardness and glossy sheen. To date, for drying shellac, you can use LED lamps or fluorescent UV lamps of various powers. You should not even try to dry the shellac coating just in the air, like ordinary nail polish — gel polish will remain viscous.

What is the best lamp for shellac?

So, which lamp is better for drying shellac — LED or fluorescent? By and large, in terms of the quality of drying of each layer of gel polish, there is practically no particular difference between these two types of lamps. Both fluorescent UV lamps and LED lamps dry shellac equally well. The difference between them is only in the time for which they cope with this operation and the price of the lamp itself. Fluorescent lamps are much cheaper than their LED counterparts, but at the same time, drying nails in them will take much longer (from 1.5 to 4 minutes for each layer). In addition, they are designed for fewer hours of operation, after which mercury-containing lamps require special disposal. LED lamps cope with shellac drying much faster (from 10 to 30 seconds for each layer), are equipped with special timers, last much longer, but their cost is much higher.

How many watts should a shellac lamp be?

And finally, a few words about how powerful the lamp for drying shellac should be. As you know, on sale you can find UV lamps with a power of 9, 36 and 54 watts. In principle, any of them can be used to work with gel polishes, but it is most convenient to dry shellac in 36-watt lamps. A small comparative characteristic of lamps for drying shellac of different power will help to verify this:

    uv lamp for shellac

  1. 9 watt lamp. It has only two advantages — small size and low cost. Otherwise, the use of such a lamp will appeal only to people with a very stable psyche. Firstly, each layer of varnish in such a lamp dries for about 3-4 minutes. Secondly, due to its miniature size, it is almost impossible to dry your toenails in it. Thirdly, such lamps are usually not equipped with timers, therefore, the drying time must be monitored independently.
  2. 36 watt lamp. In such a lamp, 4 light bulbs of 9 watts each are installed, which together gives a power of 36 watts. Drying of each layer of shellac takes 1.5-2 minutes. There are many different models of such lamps on sale, equipped with timers and having several operating modes. Due to the speed of drying and rather gentle cost, it is 36-watt UV lamps that are most in demand on the market.

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