I present to your attention lamp for manicure and pedicure new generation SUN5 UV/LED 48W. After a long and careful study of various models of a manicure lamp and comparing all the pros and cons, I decided to stop at a modern nail polish drying lamp SUN5.


  • At the moment hybrid lamps are considered the safest for nail care, they are comfortable for vision, and also do not have a negative effect on the skin of the hands.
  • Thanks to the double radiation range UV and LED lamp provides fast and high-quality drying of all types of gel polishes, it is equipped with 24 LED lamps evenly distributed over the entire surface of the top cover, which eliminates the presence of blind spots.
  • manicure lamp has a removable bottom, which significantly increases the quality of drying gels and varnishes, unlike open-type lamps, also has an impact-resistant case, and has a timer of 60, 30, 10 seconds.

This gel polish curing machine will serve equally well, both for home purposes and in any beauty salon. This lamp is chosen by salon masters, as it effectively dries gel polishes, is suitable for working with acrylic coatings and copes with the polymerization of gels.

The manufacturer equipped the SUN5 with an IR sensor that automatically turns on the device without using buttons. Now, putting your hand in the lamp, the LEDs turn on and turn off if you remove your hand from the device, which simplifies the work of the master.

UV and LED LEDs have a wide range of options that allow this lamp to dry thick and thick manicure and pedicure products, including such procedures as complex extensions and, as an example, aquarium design.


1. provides drying of highly pigmented gel polishes;
2. timer with LCD display;
3. the bottom is removable, equipped with a magnet;
4. very durable ABS plastic housing (does not lose
performance with minor impacts);
5. does not harm the skin and eyesight;
6. Good value for money.

Our manicure lamp SUN 5 — an ideal gift for mom, wife, beloved, grandmother for the New Year 2022, February 14, March 8, Birthday.

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