nail sealing

As a result of building up the nail plates, using tips, constant correction, their surface is covered with microscopic cracks, becomes brittle and dull. Nail sealing is considered an ideal procedure for healing, strengthening and protection. Manipulation allows you to completely restore the damaged areas of the plates and accelerate their growth.

Mineral sealing of nails with wax

This processing method was proposed by Japanese specialists. It is based on the actions of natural beeswax:

  • bactericidal;
  • antiseptic;
  • emollient;
  • moisturizing.

The component is very useful for horny cells, as it contains a large amount of vitamin A, beta-carotene, resins, propolis.

Here is how the procedure itself takes place:

  1. First, the nails must be carefully treated with a disinfectant solution and manicured.
  2. A wax paste is applied to the entire surface of the plates, after which it is carefully rubbed with a special pad made of real suede (the described ingredient melts due to the rise in temperature and is quickly absorbed).
  3. The formed microscopic film is fixed with mineral powder, which reliably seals the nail.

The considered technology provides a stable coating for 2-3 weeks. For a longer lasting result, a course of events is required.

gel nail procedure

The main advantage of this type of treatment is its aesthetics. Biogel, produced on the basis of teak wood, gives the nail plates a very well-groomed look and shine. Moreover, the coating can be made colored.

The essence of the procedure is as follows:

  1. Hand disinfection and hardware manicure.
  2. Grinding of nail plates with a soft file.
  3. Biogel coating.
  4. Drying under an ultraviolet lamp.
  5. Application of the second layer of gel.
  6. Drying again, covering with a caring cream.

The technique does not provoke allergic reactions, it is performed quite quickly and the result lasts for about a month.

Therapeutic sealing of nails at home

If you don’t want to visit the salon, it’s easy sealing nails with gelprepare mixtures for the procedure yourself.


  1. Melt 5 g of natural (required) beeswax in a water bath.
  2. Add a similar amount of ylang-ylang, almond and jojoba oils.
  3. Mix the ingredients well, cool and pour into a glass jar.
  4. Keep refrigerated.

It is recommended to rub the resulting composition into the surface of the nails 1 time in 2 weeks after each manicure.

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