matte gel polish

Matte gel polish manicure is a great way to diversify your nail design options. It looks unusual, but at the same time, it is perfect for both bright and festive looks, as well as for everyday and discreet ones.

Design with matte gel polish

Nails, if desired, can be completely covered with matte varnish, or play in contrast, using both matte and shiny coatings in one design. Now many companies offer a wide selection of matte shades of gel polish: from light to very dark. However, many note that shades of gel polish in dark colors look the most advantageous, since in this case an interesting matte texture immediately catches the eye. In addition, on a matte dark base, design elements are better visible if you decide to use two types of varnish of the same shade. For example, black matte gel polish will be an excellent background for black patterns. Another option: coat your nails with a matte varnish, and then make a jacket, emphasizing the edges of the nail plate with a glossy finish. The opposite solution is also relevant — a matte jacket with gel polish. It will also be interesting to look like a moon manicure using matte varnish. Other, the most beautiful colors of such a coating, in addition to black, are blue and red matte gel polishes.

If you decide to create a manicure for yourself using such an unusual coating, then you should consider several of its features. Firstly, matte gel nail polish can emphasize various irregularities in the nail plate, so it will need to be carefully sanded. Secondly, even if you use the main color gel polish with a matte effect, you will also need a matte top coat, because without it the manicure will not be durable enough. However, this condition can be circumvented by using various methods of creating a matte finish on your own. Finally, the application of matte gel polish should be as accurate as possible, since all flaws will be much more noticeable than on a glossy finish, and it is more difficult to remove them, most often you have to completely redo the damaged nail.

Ways to make gel polish matte

If you want to make yourself a fashionable matte manicure, then you need to know that it is not at all necessary to purchase such a coating, but you can give any of your gel polish a matte effect. There are several ways to do this.

The first is that instead of a colored matte gel polish, a matte top is purchased, that is, the top fixing coating, which gives the manicure of any color the desired effect.

The next way is to purchase special powders that are applied to the already finished, but not dried top coat with a fan brush, and then baked with it in a UV or LED lamp and give the very desired haze. Acrylic powder or matte dust is usually used.

It is possible, after applying varnish and top coat, to polish the surface of each nail with a machine for hardware manicure or with a block with which you process nails before applying gel polish, but this is a rather laborious and skillful process, because grinding should be uniform over the entire area of ​​​​the nail.

Finally, after applying and before drying the gel polish, you can hold it over water vapor for a few seconds, and this will give it a matte effect. This method is the easiest and most suitable for home conditions, but it should be remembered that you are faced with a choice: either refuse the top coat and, thereby, make the service life of the manicure shorter, or still use a matte top after the color gel, which you will have to purchase. additionally.

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