manicure on short nails 2015

According to stylists, the main thing is that the hands are well-groomed and neat, and the length of the nails can be anything, even the shortest. And if there is a design suitable for the length on the nails, such handles will surely attract attention and emphasize the good taste of their mistress.

Fashionable manicure for short nails

Today, there is a very wide variety of manicure options for short nails, which allows you to follow fashion trends and at the same time demonstrate individuality and originality. Manicure on short nails 2015 is, first of all, a design that will emphasize the advantages of a small length and hide the flaws. It is very important to emphasize the femininity and elegance of the hands. After all, short nails are one of the first differences in men’s style.

Monochromatic manicure. The fastest and easiest way to give short nails a beautiful look is to make a monochromatic juicy design. Choose high-quality nail polishes in fashionable shades that will be resistant to various damages, especially if you are an active woman. Such a manicure on short nails often becomes one of the components of a successful everyday look. Also, plain nail polishes are easy to change, which is very important for those who want to be different every day.

Ombre for short nails. Beautiful color transitions on nails are still in fashion. An interesting ombre-style manicure on short nails looks beautiful and perfectly distracts from imperfections. This design will successfully hide the uneven or ugly shape of short nails, emphasize a sense of style and make women’s hands even neater.

Stripes on short nails. The most successful design on very short nails is a manicure with stripes. It is important that the pattern is vertical or diagonal. Then the nails visually lengthen. And the choice of beautiful fashionable shades of varnish will add style and popularity to your manicure.

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