Manicure of the future: «smart» varnishes and interesting effects


Now you will not surprise anyone with a manicure with drawings, rhinestones and voluminous stucco. But the “live” coating, which constantly shimmers with different colors or literally transforms before our eyes, changing color and texture, is a completely different matter! Where to find a master who will undertake this? Everything is much simpler: a “magic” manicure can be created at home using BOW varnishes.

BOW is a brand from Russia that, since its inception in 2015, has managed to win the hearts of nail lovers with its experimental formulas and amazing shades. The feature of these «smart» varnishes is the ability to change their color depending on external factors: temperature or sunlight.

How it works? Consider the examples of the stars of the brand line.


The dress code forbids bright and dark varnishes, but the soul asks for colors? We know how to be sneaky: Sunny’s futuristic silver shade, embellished with bright holographic sparks, looks quite discreet in the shade or in artificial lighting (for example, under office lamps). And when the working day ends, a real holiday begins: in the rays of the sun, the surface of the varnish instantly changes, acquiring a lilac-pink hue, and iridescent overflows become even more noticeable.

Good God and Eternity

The multichrome pigments in Good God and Eternity chameleon polishes change hue depending on the angle of view, allowing you to see up to five different color variations. Do not be surprised if you notice that one of your colleagues secretly glances at your nails every now and then!

fortune teller

Sophisticated lacquer lovers will not be surprised by a simple “chameleon”. What if we add a magnetic effect to it? Place a special magnet on the surface of a freshly applied Fortune Teller polish to create contrasting highlights on its dark blue-violet surface, iridescent from pink to golden green.

Mood Creator

Mood Creator Triple Thermal Lacquer reacts to changes in temperature, changing color from cozy gray to terracotta, and then to dark brown. A special pleasure is to catch on long nails the moment when all three states of varnish are visible at the same time! And your colleagues and relatives, watching these metamorphoses, will be able to understand without further ado when it’s time for you to offer a cup of hot tea or a warm blanket. Convenient, right?


The amazing Colorblind varnish reacts to both temperature and sunlight: the thermal component is responsible for changing colors from light dusty pink (when warm) to gray (when cold), and in the sun they turn into hot pink and dark purple. grey, respectively. Thus, you get as many as four shades (and up to six manicure options!) in one bottle.


Fans of more classic shades and textures will also find something interesting in the brand’s assortment. Multichrome flakes in the texture of soft pink Pandora nude polish smoothly change their shade from different angles, adding a little zest to the base color, which will be noticeable only to you and to those who look at your hands with special love.

Thanks to their stylish laconic packaging and unique wow-effects, BOW polishes will be an excellent gift for every lover of beautiful manicure. In particular, they will be appreciated by mothers and those who work with children — even the most restless kids are ready to endlessly watch the overflows and color changes!

You don’t need to worry about the safety of these nail polish toys: all BOW nail polishes are formulated according to the Big5Free standard — in other words, they do not contain harmful chemical components.


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