Girls strive to be like their mothers in everything. Dress beautifully, do hairstyles, paint lips and paint nails. The desire to be beautiful is inherent in girls by nature. If your baby puts her fingers when mom takes out a nail file or nail polish, and you don’t want to apply adult products on your nails, take a closer look at children’s manicure sets.

Like mom, only better

As part of children’s cosmetics, only proven and hypoallergenic components. They do not cause irritation, usually suitable for babies from 3 years old. At the same time, cosmetics completely imitate my mother’s nail set: nail files, dividers, orange sticks — everything is real.

Simplicity and ease of use

The baby will be happy to paint her nails herself, especially since children’s nail polish is easy to apply, dries quickly, forming a film. And when the girl decides to update her manicure, it will be removed with a film without the use of special tools. Modern children’s varnishes are water-based, and therefore do not require acetone to remove.

Care and hygiene

A manicure set is not only about painting nails, it is also a habit of caring for nails: trimming, giving a neat shape. Children rarely get excited when they see scissors, but pink nail polish and an original nail file will give courage to a little fashionista.

Decorative stickers for design

Have you put banana and orange stickers on your nails? Probably, every girl decorated her nails like that in childhood. The current princesses are much easier: they have stickers and rhinestones for nail design. They are also easy to stick on and remove. You can update your manicure every day!

cool gift

Manicure set for girls is a very interesting gift option. A surprise for my daughter, a gift for a friend for her birthday, a sister for March 8. Delight and the most pleasant impressions are guaranteed! Suitable for girls of all ages.

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