manicure ideas 2015

The beginning of the new season for many becomes the starting point for the transformation and change in appearance. Most often, fashionistas begin to change their wardrobe and make a new hairstyle. However, it often happens that it is not so easy to initiate changes due to external circumstances. The easiest way to refresh your appearance is to make a trendy manicure. In addition, you can add a fashionable note to your image with the help of beautiful nails at home and with your own hands. It is enough just to know the new trends in manicure, which in 2015 mean brightness, stylization, originality and creativity of choice.

Actual manicure 2015

Manicure 2015 is rich colors, original style and eccentric fashion. Of course, this season has not done without the classic long-established canons that are always popular. What kind of manicure will be in trend in 2015?

Manicure with rhinestones. Manicure with rhinestones 2015 has surpassed all previous nail design ideas in this direction. Today, stylists use bright and transparent stones of various sizes in many stylish looks. Rhinestones, as before, are used in wedding and evening bows. But also, depending on the amount of jewelry, you can do everyday manicure with rhinestones and even dilute strict business looks.

Stamping manicure. Manicure using stamping has become one of the trends of 2015. Stamping on the nails looks original, unusual and at the same time very neat. This way of decorating is much simpler, and sometimes more beautiful than hand drawings.

french classic. A simple jacket without adding decor is back in fashion. Pastel shades of varnishes are relevant again — light pink, ivory, beige. Of course, French manicure with additions is also popular. But stylists are increasingly insisting on a return to the origins of such nail design.

Two-tone manicure. From last season to 2015, the idea for a two-color manicure passed. It is still fashionable to paint nails in different tones of the same color or highlight a pair of fingers in a different color.

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