Women who follow fashion trends in the field of beauty probably know that the latest squeak is a manicure applied with gel polish. This latest technology allows nails to remain beautiful and well-groomed for a long time. And this is a real salvation for all fashionistas, and especially for business women who do not have much free time. However, before doing a manicure with gel polish, you should familiarize yourself with the current trends of 2015 in order to be in trend.

Beauty and practicality

Shellac is a special composition based on a gel. To obtain different shades, colored pigments are added to the mixture. Such a gel polish stays on the nails for up to three weeks, while a woman can easily do household chores without worrying that the manicure will go bad. Shellac is mainly applied to natural nails, however, it will look no less impressive on extensions. Due to the fact that gel polish does not dry out in the air, this allows artists to create more complex designs and compositions. After completion of the work, the nails are dried with a UV or LED lamp.

Gel polish manicure ideas 2015

The new season pleases fashionistas with an abundance of delicate and pleasant shades. At the peak of popularity are pastel colors that can be complemented by bright accents. For example, it can be a pink manicure with bright butterflies on the ring fingers.

Dark tones also do not leave the fashionable Olympus. In addition, such a manicure will be a great addition to an evening look. For example, the ideal option would be a black base, decorated with white ornaments, sparkles and rhinestones.

Still fashionable manicure in 2015 is a jacket applied with gel polish. For the summer season, a nude base with colored tips or using a gradient will be an excellent option. But the classic manicure is suitable for a solemn event or an important event. However, even here there can be a bright accent in the form of roses on one finger, decorated with rhinestones.

Gel polish is a great option for summer moon manicure, which is still in the top in 2015. For example, it can be shellac in white and pink colors, decorated with mouth-watering cakes, which will perfectly fit into a romantic mood. But for business people, a more elegant option using blue and blue gel polish is suitable.

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