manicure autumn 2015

Every self-respecting fashionista, as you know, wants to be perfect to the tips of her nails. It is about nails, or rather the fashion trends of manicure in the fall of 2015, that we propose to talk about. After all, I want the nail design to be not only beautiful, but also in line with the latest trends.

Autumn manicure 2015 — fashion news

Speaking about the fashionable manicure of autumn 2015, it is impossible not to highlight the fact that femininity, naturalness and naturalness in the image are still relevant. And this means that bright, flashy tones are used extremely rarely. For themed parties or special events, for example. As a daily option, stylists recommend using rich, but not bright nail polishes, as well as giving preference to the always popular French and moon manicure. And among the novelties are the following:

  1. Multi-colored French manicure. This season it is recommended to replace the usual white color with different varnishes. Or use unusual colors for manicure — burgundy and blue, red and pink.
  2. Manicure. This manicure belongs to the most trendy autumn 2015. Some incompleteness, abstraction and the use of contrasting colors give this design a special charm.
  3. geometric print. Most relevantly, such a manicure will look in black and white. But you can experiment with other shades, which must be contrasting — then your nail design will turn out to be expressive.
  4. Gradient. This season, the gradient will look stylish if you use two close shades to create it. For example, light green and rich green.
  5. Focus on one finger. Although this technique is not new, it continues to be popular and in demand. Original women of fashion can highlight not only the ring finger, but also the index finger with a color or pattern.
  6. Drawings. Nail designs will never go out of style. This season, lace or funny pictures based on French or moon manicure are most popular.
  7. Unusual moon manicure. It is recommended to distinguish the lunula not along the natural line, but to make an interesting, original shape. For example, in the form of a triangle or other geometric figure. And, of course, here you should also not be afraid to experiment with colors.

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