manicure at sea 2015

Sea mood is not only a purchased ticket, a packed suitcase and a brand new swimsuit. This is also a fashionable manicure on the sea, which will make you not only an even happier vacationer, but also a girl who is attractive to the very tips of her nails.

Summer manicure on the sea

Marine manicure is a popular type of nail art that uses various ideas borrowed from nature itself. Fantasies inspired by fresh sea wind, restless waves, golden sand, exotic vegetation, bright sun and emotions from all this can be realized in nail design.

Manicure at sea 2015 can be different:

  • using thematic three-dimensional mini-elements — shells, pearls, sailor stripes, anchors;
  • based on a combination of marine colors — blue, light blue, turquoise, green, red, yellow, white;
  • with the use of sparkles and rhinestones, with drawings;
  • made in the gradient technique.

By the way, when thinking about the design and colors of manicure, do not forget to harmonize them with your swimsuit and beach items. Manicure and pedicure on the sea in the same style also looks spectacular.

What manicure to do at sea in 2015?

Marine manicure is a cheerful spectrum, joyful and rich compositions. It is worth remembering that a short or medium length of the nail is appropriate for travel, depending on this, you need to think over the pattern. A reverse jacket will look simple and tasteful if you paint it with blue or dark blue varnish. Such a manicure will also look good if the hole of the nail is painted over with white, and the remaining surface with turquoise varnish.

The «sailor» design is relevant — it consists in alternating stripes of different colors and decorating nails with drawings of marine attributes. A simple but fun option would be to alternate the color of the varnish for different fingers. Images of starfish, fish, palm trees, hearts look stylish on nails.

A gradient manicure in the form of a wave running ashore can start at the base of the nail with a darker color, turning into white, and crowned with a sand of small sparkles.

Of course, it is necessary to use a “peppy” color scheme — pink, red, yellow, red, especially since they are perfectly combined with marine shades. A bright manicure on the sea will be able to emphasize your individuality and, by the way, you can easily do it yourself by arranging your nails in your understanding of the rest of the sea.

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