Lacquer Batrafen

If the fungus has struck the nails on the hands or feet, it is most effective to use a special varnish for treatment. It not only limits the contact of mycobacteria with the environment, which significantly accelerates the process of their death, but also prevents the fungus from infecting the shoes of the patient and other people. Lac Batrafen is one of the best drugs in this category.

How to use Batrafen nail polish?

Toenail fungus varnish Batrafen affects most types of fungus that are found in the modern world:

  • causative agents of trichophytosis;
  • causative agents of microsporia;
  • causative agents of torulosis;
  • mycetomas;
  • causative agents of chromomycosis;
  • causative agents of pecilomycosis;
  • causative agents of epidermophytosis;
  • pathogens of sporotrichosis;
  • mushrooms of the genus Candida;
  • cryptococci;
  • histoplasm;
  • yeast fungi of the genus Torulopsis;
  • blastomycetes;
  • saccharomycetes;
  • aspergillus;
  • moldy mushrooms;
  • mushrooms of the Mukorov family and others.

The main active ingredient, ciclopirox, also has an antiseptic effect.

The product should be applied to the nail treated with a special file twice a day — in the morning and in the evening. The course of treatment is 14-21 days. If the layer of varnish cracks or gets damaged, you need to cover the nail plate with a new layer of varnish from Batrofen nail fungus.

Antifungal varnish Batrafen has relatively few contraindications:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • children’s age up to 10 years;
  • individual sensitivity to ciclopirox.

When used in parallel with other fungal remedies, the effect of Batrafen is enhanced.

Varnish analogs Batrafen

There are two similar drugs in composition — Dafnedil and Fongial. In the form of release and effect, there are much more drug substitutes. These are antifungal nail polishes such as:

  • Loceryl;
  • Demicten;
  • Lamisil;
  • Gazebo;
  • Niall Defender.

When using all varnish against fungus batrafenof these funds, it should be remembered that for the duration of therapy it is necessary to abandon the usual manicure nail polishes.

There are also some tips that will be useful to anyone who decides to treat the fungus with varnish:

  1. Do not shake the bottle, if the varnish gets on the thread, the brush may dry out to the bottle.
  2. Do not keep the drug open, air access will speed up the drying process and instead of 3 months, the product will last only a few weeks after opening the vial.
  3. Do not use the nail file with which you cut off the damaged nail to care for other nails.
  4. By supplementing the therapy with liquid remedies for the fungus and cream, you will speed up recovery.

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