Jennifer Garner

Rumors that Ben Affleck’s wife is pregnant with their fourth child have been around for a long time. And based on the fact that Jennifer Garner’s mood is very changeable, gossip may turn out to be true.

sudden change

Recently, the star went to do a manicure and pedicure in the salon. The actress was followed by the paparazzi, they did not enter the institution, but waited for her on the porch.

In order not to waste time, the crafty photographer began to shoot Jennifer through an open window.

In the first photos, you can see that Garner communicates nicely with the staff, is in a wonderful mood. Suddenly, for no good reason, she became sad, and then wept bitterly.

Then Affleck’s wife was also instantly comforted and went shopping.

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divorce proceedings

In early October, interesting information was leaked to the press about Jennifer’s internment situation, she was allegedly pregnant by Ben. Meanwhile, the couple are going through hard times, the actor cheated on his legal wife with the nanny of his children, and the proud Garner filed for divorce.

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