How to wean a child to bite his nails at 4 years oldChildren, like every adult, have their own bad habits. Four years is not an easy age and you won’t be able to forcefully forbid something to do to the crumbs. Today we will talk about how to wean a child from biting his nails at 4 years old and what parents need to do for this.

Reasons why a child bites his nails

  1. Nervous tension. Everyone knows that when a person is nervous, he can do different things: fiddling with keys, tapping his fingers on the table, drawing something on paper, etc. But a child at 4 years old bites his nails, and how to wean him from this is an interesting question. First of all, it is necessary that the baby stops being nervous. As soon as this happens, the baby will remove his fingers from his mouth on his own. Invite him to put a lollipop in his mouth instead of fingers or clench his hands into fists.
  2. Reaction to the situation. If you notice that in a certain situation, for example, watching a cartoon, the child begins to bite his nails, then the question of how to wean him from this is not difficult. Just explain that he will no longer watch his favorite shows if this happens again. And as an alternative, offer the baby, for example, to eat popcorn.
  3. Reluctance to cut nails. At this age, the crumbs already understand what they like and what they don’t. This is another point why children bite their nails, but do not want to cut them, and how to get rid of this is just to find out the reason.

First you need to determine why the child does not want to cut his nails, but prefers to bite them. There may be an unwillingness to sit quietly for 5 minutes, perhaps he was once in pain, uncomfortable, or he will simply do it on the street in order to take a longer walk there. Depending on the result, take action: offer the baby to watch TV while you cut your nails, do not cut the nail plate so deeply, etc. Babies can be offered to do a joint manicure with their mother.

But before you use the advice of grandmothers on how to wean a child from biting his nails at 4, you need to think carefully about the consequences. The older generation tells what should be applied to the fingers of the baby, for example, mustard. However, it should be said that this can adversely affect the skin near the nail and the mucous membrane of the child’s mouth if he puts his hand in his mouth.

Therefore, dear parents, try to talk to your child about his desire to bite his nails. Perhaps the reason is quite simple, and it will not be difficult to eliminate it.

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