how to make square nails

The shape of nails is an important component of manicure, and, therefore, a beautiful and well-groomed appearance of nails. There are many options for the shape of the free edge of the nails, each of which has its own characteristics, advantages and, of course, admirers. In our article, we will focus on one of them, which is gaining more and more popularity among women of different ages — the square shape of the nails.

Features of the square shape of the nails

It is worth noting that the choice of exactly the square shape of the nail plates for most young ladies is not just a tribute to fashion trends. This form has a number of advantages that can be felt by everyone who has given preference to it. For example, it allows you to make your fingers visually longer and more elegant, looks good on nails of any length and is combined with various types of design. In addition, thanks to this form, the nails are less stratified and make it possible to perform all types of everyday work.

But still, some women are better off abandoning this form of nail plates. This applies to those whose fingers are plump and short, and the hand is wide (so the hands will seem too massive). In other cases, you can no doubt give your nails a square shape, especially since it is not difficult to do this at home. Next, consider how to properly make a beautiful square and oval-square shape of nails.

Square nails

This form can be remade from almost any original form. However, with round nails, before making a square out of this shape, you will have to grow the nail plates a little. The same applies to situations where the nails are of unequal length. Changing the shape of the nails to a square is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Trimming nails. First of all, you should cut your nails to the desired length in a straight line, evenly and without bends. This is best done with clippers or well-sharpened nail scissors with straight blades. It is worth noting that before this stage, if necessary, you should use a nail polish remover, which will also allow you to degrease the nail plates.
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  3. Processing with a nail file to give shape. Perpendicular to an imaginary line crossing the center of the nail from the base to the free edge, the free edge of the nail plate should be treated. It should be filed so that the edge of the nail becomes perfectly even, and in order to avoid delamination, this must be done in one direction. To get an oval-square, softer shape, the sides of the nail should be slightly rounded. They can also be cut at a slight angle.
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  5. Sanding file processing. With the help of a manicure buff, it is necessary to sand the edges of the nails so that they are not sharp, and then treat the surface of the nails with the polishing side to add shine.
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  7. Rinsing hands with water, applying cream. The final step is to rinse your hands with warm water to eliminate dust particles, dry and apply a moisturizer.
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