how to become a bitch in a short time

Being a bitch is convenient and comfortable, and this applies to almost all areas of our lives. That is why many women, tired of failures at work and disorder in their personal lives, are looking for advice on how to become a bitch.

As historical facts and life experience show, men do not worship white and fluffy lambs. If you want to achieve success and adoration, decide to change, start with a short course on how to become a real bitch. Try to try on not only a new external image, but also a way of thinking, attitudes and daily habits.

How to become a bitch in a short time?

In most cases, a woman asks this question not at all from a good life. It would never occur to a happy and beloved wife to turn into an egoist for fun, and if there is no harmony, love and respect in family life, then the problem arises of how to become a bitch for your own husband. Especially in the case when he himself gives a reason for this.

The rules for how to become a bitch in a short time are quite simple, but it takes a lot of effort not to stop halfway. Follow these rules and you will soon notice how your life will begin to change:

  1. Self love is key. For every bitch, «I» is the first letter of the alphabet! Learn to love and appreciate yourself, stop saving on your own desires. This applies to everything — self-care, time for yourself, finances.
  2. Change your image. Cinderella, after all, was also a mess, until she got crystal slippers and changed. Take care of your appearance, go to the hairdresser, get a new hairstyle and manicure. Remember that bitches are always luxurious and well-groomed women.
  3. Refresh your wardrobe. Yes, without it in any way! Look at what you wear and ask if you like these clothes. Surely the answer will be negative. You may not be able to immediately change the entire wardrobe, but first, throw out the annoying things and buy at least one new suit or dress.
  4. Seek and find. If you are ready for a new romance or you just need attention, admiration and compliments, you need to know the places where to look for interesting men. Favorite places for most of them are sports clubs, car dealerships, motorcycle clubs, sports bars, office equipment and men’s clothing stores. And believe me, most men get tired of the purely male society that gathers there.
  5. Do not be afraid of male attention, but choose the best. Your transformation and morale will not go unnoticed. Men flock to a beautiful, well-groomed and self-confident woman like moths to a light. Feel free to respond to signs of attention, flirt if you feel like it. You can be prickly, caustic and mischievous, the main thing is not to be mumbling. And remember that it is important to leave on time so that the man himself suggests the next meeting.
  6. Leave first. This is one of the important rules. Not a single bitch ever held a man, sat down, she no longer saw an admiring gleam in his eyes. Never go back to the “fluffy dandelion” image, even how to become a bitch for a husbandif you’re doing well. It is better to turn the mud with a scandal and a break than to plunge into the old swamp again.

In conclusion, two points should be noted:

  • be prepared for the fact that at first it will be difficult to get used to a new image and change your thoughts;
  • no need to go to extremes, there is such a danger as becoming an insensitive bitch.

When admiring glances of men and envious whispers of women begin to accompany you, we can assume that you are on the right track.

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