hand scrub

The purpose of a hand scrub is the same as that of a face or body scrub, i. cleansing the skin of dead particles and impurities. Thanks to the regular use of this cosmetic product, the hands will always look tender and well-groomed. This is achieved by renewing skin cells, activating blood circulation in the skin layers, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen by the skin. Scrubs for hands differ from similar products for other parts of the body in the composition, which takes into account the characteristics of the skin on the hands (as a rule, they contain more fats, and the abrasive particles in them are larger).

How to use a hand scrub?

Hand scrub is recommended to be used 1-2 times a week. The product is applied to washed wet hands and rubbed with massage movements for several minutes. Then the scrub should be washed off with warm water, the hands should be dried and greased with a nourishing or moisturizing cream.

Professional hand scrubs

Hand scrubs are produced today by many manufacturers, so buying it in a store or pharmacy is not a problem. Here are the names of some products that are in demand among women:

  1. Scrub «Gentle Cleansing» from Velvet hands (Russia) with jojoba microgranules and almond oil.
  2. Foaming scrub massage «Leveling and rejuvenating» from Vitex (Belarus), containing crushed apricot pits and plant extracts.
  3. Exclusive peeling with vanilla extract «8 in 1» from Eveline (Poland) withhand scrub at home plant extracts, oils and vitamin complex.
  4. Whitening scrub Natura Siberica (Russia), having an organic composition.
  5. Scrub «For incredibly soft hands» from Planeta Organica (Russia) with seeds and avocado oil.

Homemade hand scrub

You can also make your own hand scrub using products found in every home. For example, you can mix sour cream and table salt or ground coffee and honey in equal proportions, add a couple of drops of essential oil to the mixture, and the scrub is ready.

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