Glass file for high-quality manicure


High-quality and beautiful manicure is not only a stylish design and durable varnish. Professionals know that beautiful forms and even plates can not be achieved without nail files for manicure!

Nailfile — a convenient and very popular tool for everyday nail care. With its help, you can remove the length of the nail plate, shape the nails, polish them to a shine.
The nail file will easily fit into a small handbag or cosmetic bag and will always be at your fingertips!

You can purchase this product in our Wildberries online store for 247₽ (the cost may vary depending on promotions and regular customer discounts)

Benefits of a nail file (article: 50202808):
• suitable for all types of nails
• resistant to high temperatures
• gives the nails a perfect shape
• gently removes the length of the nail plate
• gently polishes the surface of the nails
• has a beautiful design


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