gel-effect nail polishes

You are probably familiar with such a situation when there is no time to get a manicure, but you need to go to a birthday party or go on a trip. Now there is a great solution for this.

Benefits of gel polish

With the help of gel polishes, you no longer need to overpay for a manicure, as you can do it yourself. It will only take a few minutes of your time. One coat of gel polish will give you confidence and stay on your nails for a long time.

Fund brands

There are a huge number of varieties of varnishes. Consider the most suitable means in terms of efficiency and quality.

gelish effect

Very good polish, as the effect of the gel coat can last up to 2 weeks. Just one layer of varnish — and your nails will shine with rich color. Another plus is a rather convenient brush, thanks to which you will make a neat manicure without affecting the cuticles.

Avon Gel Nail Polish

The product is applied very easily. Decorate your nails with rich color and flawless glossy finish. Does not need to be fixed. Provides protection to the nails and reliably strengthens them.

Maxi color gel polish

Gel polish of this series will give your nails a 3D shine. Top coat with a gel effect will last for 5 days. A large range of colors will make it possible to choose the shade that is more suitable for the outfit.

Yllozure Glamor Gel Polish

gel coat effect

It has a flawless coverage, durability, gloss, is well applied and dries fairly quickly.

Brigitte Bottier nail polish

With this type of varnish, your nails will acquire a 3D effect. Just three minutes of your time — and the perfect manicure is ready. You can show off your nails for two weeks. Brigitte Bottier polish does not require a special lamp.

A quick gel coat without the use of a UV lamp will strengthen your nail plate, give elegance to your nails and will delight the eye every day.

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