No matter how carefully women monitor their appearance, age is primarily determined by their hands. That is why they need constant care and hydration. A beautiful manicure, the actual length of the nails, thematic coating has a certain character in each image and plays an important role in the life of the beautiful half.

Among the wide variety, French manicure is especially popular. There are several types of it, but the jacket with rhinestones looks the most spectacular. Not a single celebration or important event is complete without it.

French variety

Unfortunately, not every one of us can boast of strong and healthy nails. Therefore, many fashionistas increase them. Thanks to this, the hands always have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. A jacket with rhinestones on extended nails looks very nice. Depending on fashion trends and personal preferences, the nail plate can be square, oval or almond-shaped. And decoration with silver or colored rhinestones brings royal brilliance and chic to the design, thereby creating a festive mood.

Lovers of extravagance and expressiveness should pay attention to sharp nails, decorated with a jacket with rhinestones. With this form, it is very important not to go too far with the length, because this can create some inconvenience in everyday life, but for a gala evening it is a great option.

shellac coating

With an active lifestyle, there is always the possibility of damaging your nails, and, as a rule, this happens at the most inopportune moment. It was for these purposes that a special coating was developed — Shellac. This amazing mixture of nail polish and gel is suitable for covering natural nails and provides maximum durability over a long period.

Among fashionistas, shellac jacket with rhinestones is especially popular. A special gel is applied over the rhinestones, then dried under a lamp. However, such a procedure can be carried out exclusively in salons, where experienced craftsmen will do everything at the highest level.

The color scheme of French manicure can be absolutely any shades. Also the color of the rhinestones. Bright solutions may depend on the mood, event, color of clothing and season. Under the evening dress, nails with silver rhinestones, painted in black jacket, will look very elegant. Well, lovers of originality will like the idea of ​​decorating the ring finger with black rhinestones. Such a composition will emphasize the depth of the night and create the desired accent.

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