floral manicure

The image of flowers on the nails is one of the most popular designs. Such nail-art has been relevant for many seasons in a row. However, from year to year, stylists offer new fashion ideas for flower manicure. If you follow the trends in the art of painting on nails, you will notice that earlier in fashion there were gentle discreet drawings of flowers that adorned the entire nail plate, which attracted attention. Today, bright floral manicure is becoming more and more popular, but stylists offer a wide variety of options for the execution of the drawing itself.

Floral french. French manicure in a floral theme is one of the most fashionable today. Masters offer a large selection of design options in this direction. You can decorate a classic jacket with flowers. And also the extreme line of the nail made of flowers looks stylish. This floral manicure is especially relevant in the summer season.

Zhostovo or Khokhloma. Traditional drawings have always been very popular in the art of nail-art. Today, Zhostovo or Khokhloma nail painting is in trend. And, as you know, the floral theme in the style of Zhostovo or Khokhloma is incredibly bright and rich. This design is a true work of art. But, of course, in this case, the experience and skill of a specialist is important.

Floral manicure on short nails

For owners of short nails, designers offer a simple floral manicure. You should not paint the entire nail and each finger with bright various colors. You will not demonstrate a stylish design, but only create the impression of being sloppy. Decorate one fingernail with a delicate sprig of flowers or add a small bud to each finger, then your hands will acquire a romantic style and attract attention with accuracy. Also halves of flowers on nails are relevant today. This design is a great solution for a short manicure.

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