A beautiful manicure is possible only if it is done by a professional. It is not enough just to cover your nails with varnish, it is important to keep them healthy and regularly perform hygiene procedures. It is also important to properly file the nails in order to achieve the perfect shape. Only in this case, the manicure will be exquisite, and everyone around will admire the beauty of your hands.

However, it is equally important to take into account fashion trends, because only in this way will you be perceived as a stylish fashionista who is always in trend. Fashionable nail design in 2016 suggests both naturalness and rich chic. Among the whole variety of fashion trends, you should choose only those that best suit your type and character. In order for your nails to be fashionable, you need to use the most popular ideas of the 2016 season. In this article, we will try to deal with the most current trends in manicure.

Nails 2016: fashion ideas for stylish ladies!

Fashionable manicure is an opportunity to show individuality, as well as show yourself in the best light. Today, manicure has become a real art. A huge variety of options for covering the nail plate allows each girl to choose the most suitable design. The new year 2016 has prepared a lot of surprises for the fair sex, which also applies to nail service. Fashionable nails in 2016 are presented in the form of a playful, but at the same time extraordinary outrageous. Images are becoming more and more impressive, and color combinations in manicure are as bold as possible.

What nails will be fashionable in 2016?

If you are a bright girl who cannot live a day without attention from the environment, then it is these manicure options that will convey the whole mood and make any bow created whole in perception. Fashion trends in the world of nail art suggest that nails in 2016 should also be sophisticated and perfectly thought out. Fashionable drawings on nails in 2016 are not so in demand, but with the right approach they also look great. So, the design of nails should be based on such current trends:

  • lace manicure — it is very beautiful and fashionable. Fashion trends are constantly changing, but the trend in the form of an openwork manicure has remained relevant for many years and 2016 was no exception. This design option for nail plates will make the image feminine, romantic and attractive;
  • powder manicure — this is the perfect solution for an evening look, visiting guests, a disco or a nightclub. It looks quite impressive and original. This manicure option is especially popular in winter, but it will be a non-standard solution for a warm period;
  • French manicure is a timeless classic. In terms of popularity, it ranks first among both fashionistas and manicure masters. Give preference not only to the classic versions of the jacket, but also more original ones in the form of decoration with sparkles, colored varnish, as well as using rhinestones, foil and beads;
  • plain manicure — this is also one of the trends that will certainly not go out of fashion soon. Trendy nail colors 2016 are presented in the form of beige, brown, gray and burgundy. In principle, you can give preference to any shade you like, but in order to stay in trend, you need to choose cold and soft colors.

In the summer of 2016, the fashionable color of nails is yellow, blue, green and crimson. As for the shape of the nail, it is worth choosing the one that is as close to natural as possible. The fashionable length of nails in 2016 is short in most cases. In the trend of 2016 — naturalness! However, there is still some room for fantasy for ladies with long nails.

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