extended nails 2015

A beautiful manicure will tell about the wonderful sense of style that the hostess has, that in the turmoil of days she will certainly find time to keep an eye on the latest trends.

Fashionable extended nails in 2015 will partly repeat the trends of classic manicure. However, they will look more bright, elegant and luxurious.

French and its varieties

An inexhaustible topic for creativity is French manicure. Be sure to experiment with other colors, textures (matte and glossy), highlight a few nails (rhinestones, flowers, lace or any other decorations of your choice).


Fashion for shading — and this is how ombre is translated from French — will be relevant for extended nails in 2015. The effect is created using varnishes of different colors or sparkles.


For lovers of the classics, the best option would be stylish extended nails in pastel colors. The coating can be plain, decorated with a small rhinestone on each nail. This manicure echoes the «pajama style», which is so much this year on world shows. Add delicate white flowers, lace or mesh to the pastel, and no one can call such a manicure boring or ordinary.


You can use them on almost any surface. In a jacket — make a shiny bow, in a pastel — cover the ring fingers, in an ombre — make the transition effect even brighter. Fully shiny nails are recommended by style experts for special occasions — for an anniversary or a wedding.


It is present in 2015 in three things: outerwear, shoes and manicure. It is worth noting that this is not so much glitter as gold leaf lacquer. It is also used for a jacket, and for fashionable drawings on extended nails.

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