dry heat for manicure tools

It does not matter at all whether you have mastered the art of manicure for occasional part-time jobs at home or have seriously decided to devote your whole life to this occupation, hygiene should be at the forefront of your work. Sanitization of a manicure instrument can be carried out in several ways, one of which is sterilization using a dry-heat cabinet.

Dry heat «Sanity security» for sterilization of manicure instruments

Let’s consider the principle and features of the dry heat sterilizer using the products of the Italian company «Sanity security» as an example. To destroy potentially dangerous microorganisms in such equipment, heat treatment is used, or simply speaking, the tools are roasted for some time at a sufficiently high temperature (about 220-260 degrees). So, in the Sanity security dry heat, the maximum operating temperature can reach 250 degrees. Adjustment of temperature and time of sterilization is carried out by means of turn of handles. At the end of the processing cycle, the dry heat turns off automatically. This method of sterilization has a number of limitations. So, it is categorically not suitable for tongs and scissors with plastic or rubberized handles. In order to keep the instruments safe and sound in dry heat, they can only be placed dry and in a closed (closed) position. It is strictly forbidden to leave manicure accessories in a switched off dry-heat cabinet for storage.

Oven instead of dry heat

At home, to sterilize a manicure tool, instead of a special dry heat, it is quite acceptable to use a conventional oven. In this case, the tool must be processed at a temperature of 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

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