Desktop vacuum cleaner extract for manicure and pedicure


The beauty industry has come a long way. Today, the reality is that the masters in the struggle for the client began to pay more attention to the health and comfort of the client, and the clients, in turn, became more capricious and picky. And this is where they come to the rescue. professional manicure hood NAIL DUST COLLECTOR 30W «new generation», which today is a safe solution for instant suction of sawdust from nails, quickly cleans the work surface from dust and does not spoil the painted nails.

During manicure or pedicure treatment of nails in the air of the room, exfoliated skin cells and old coatings can accumulate, which will subsequently settle on all surfaces and enter the lungs when breathing.

  • The use of a vacuum cleaner can reduce the entry of microparticles into the body, thereby reducing the risk of developing allergies, asthma, eye diseases or other respiratory diseases and helps to maintain the health of the client and the master.
  • This device is designed not only to collect dust during cosmetic work such as nail extension and correction, but also to prevent air pollution, so the manicure hood is an indispensable tool on the table of any master.

    Vacuum cleaner stand for nails made of high-quality plastic, the surface of which can be wiped with a damp cloth, and also has built-in overheating protection and has a long cord.
    Hood-vacuum cleaner for manicure and pedicure has a stylish and practical and modern design, very easy to use, which even a novice master will understand.

    The form vacuum cleaner for manicure can serve as a convenient palm rest, it does not take up much space on the master’s table and, thanks to its compact size, will fit even on the very miniature table.

    There are other benefits too:

    1. washable surface and easy to disinfect;
    2. silent;
    3. Additional dust bags included

      Fan for collecting nail dust can simultaneously serve as a hand rest during the procedure, has a light weight and miniature dimensions. The device can also be used for pedicure. The fan fits easily into a small bag, recommended for technicians working on the go.


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