Cutters for manicure and pedicure.


Carbide cutters came to the NAIL industry from dentistry. Initially, they were intended for dental work. In the future, manicure and pedicure masters began to use them to treat the nail plate, foot and cuticle zone.

Milling cutters brand F-FREZA 100% Russian quality, proven for more than one decade:

— wear-resistant,

— have an excellent cutting surface,

— Can be used more than once

-perfectly remove material (gel, acrylic, false nails, gel polish),

— when used correctly, do not heat the nail plate,

— with proper sterilization, they will last longer without being corroded.

If mishandled, any cutter can injure the client, so that this does not happen, you need to remember about:

-correct inclination;

— location angle;

— pressure force;

— the depth and number of notches on the cutter.

The cutters of our brand are chosen by true professionals who can reduce their time and increase the speed of work!

There are no bad cutters, there is an incorrectly selected cutter!

«You buy my cutter and go over your nail.

In an instant, he will remove the top layer, your favorite cutter-HERO!»

LOVE the F-FREZA brand!


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