Coated manicure in 20 minutes is now a reality!


Manicure with design without leaving home is what many girls dreamed of! Now these are modern realities.
Just imagine, in just 20 minutes you can create a decor for our nails with any design on your own and for this we don’t even have to leave the house! An absolute novelty in the manicure industry. Lacquer stripes!

Lacquer strips fit very easily on the nails and you can safely wear such a coating for 5-7 days. What could be easier — just stick a strip on your nail and wear it for up to 7 days! We try to diversify the palette of colors for every taste. From bright, daring to calm nude shades The fundamental difference from false nails is that lacquer strips create the effect of a gel polish salon coating, they are easy to apply and they are absolutely safe for the nail plate. Without the use of a cosmetic device, a lamp for drying nails is also not needed.

Who is nail polish suitable for?
— Girls who love bright colors, bold colors. Look at the design «Watercolor Landscape», «Fantasy», it is especially loved by teenagers.
— For girls who prefer to take care of their hands and like to change the design of their nails often. Pay attention to the designs in the colors «Royal Blue», «Golden Bordeaux», «Sea Breeze», «Shortbread»
— Women who prefer laconic designs and soothing colors. You may like Marsala, Summer Rain, Juicy Mango, Coral Reef designs
— Women who at any age prefer well-groomed fingers and fashionable manicure. You will definitely be amazed by the designs «Iris Flower», «Pink Cloud».

Stick a ready-made varnish strip on a cleaned nail, cover with varnish on top and wear from 7 to 10 days! Detailed photo and video instructions are waiting for you in the product card. You will definitely cope with such a manicure, the main thing is to follow our instructions, and everything will definitely work out!
Subscribe to our TriA store, stay tuned, every two weeks we add new designs to the palette so that everyone can feel the beauty in their hands!


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