bright manicure 2015

Bright colors of nail polishes are always in fashion, but they become especially popular in the spring-summer season. Therefore, in 2015, with the advent of the warm period, stylists presented to the attention of fashionistas interesting ideas for bright manicure, which are relevant today. Rich design trends for nails — attractiveness, originality, an unusual solution. Bright nail-art on your hands will not only draw attention to your personality, but also emphasize good taste, sense of style and belonging to fashion.

Bright manicure ideas 2015

Today, to create a trendy bright manicure 2015 on the nails, you need to decide on the length. Stylists argue that the modern design for long nails will not suit those who have short nails. It is important that your hands are well-groomed and your nails are neatly shaped. The rest you will find in the following stylist tips:

  1. Bright manicure for short nails 2015. Short nails this year, the masters offer to decorate with a colored jacket or a bright moon design. Catchy drawings and prints, according to stylists, it is better not to apply. Since a small nail plate will not allow you to make a massive masterpiece, and you will spoil the whole image.
  2. Bright manicure for long and extended nails 2015. Having a long manicure, you can trust the flight of your imagination. In 2015, the most fashionable nail designs are floral print, tropical manicure and bright abstractions.
  3. Shellac manicure 2015. Stylists suggest applying gel polish in bright colors to lovers of monophonic design on nails. In 2015, such a manicure is again relevant, especially for owners of short nails or a brittle nail plate. But in any case, having made a bright shellac manicure, you will kill two birds with one stone — strengthen your nails and make a fashionable simple design.

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