bridal manicure 2015

Wedding manicure is always a hot topic. In 2015, the popularity of the bride’s manicure is no less than in previous seasons. Therefore, stylists presented to the attention of fashionistas another review of current ideas for wedding nail design.

Stylish manicure of the bride 2015

The main trends of the wedding manicure of the bride in 2015, as well as last year, remain tenderness, romance, femininity. However, this season, stylists recommend complementing the nail-art design with an unusual decor solution, choosing a non-standard varnish color, and also suggest paying attention to the shortened length of the nails. Despite the fact that a wedding is a long-awaited and desired event in the life of every girl, today stylists advise to remain natural and natural. And if, choosing a wedding dress, you can still be creative and show originality, then the 2015 manicure for the bride, according to professionals, should be natural, but at the same time attract attention. To balance these qualities, manicure and pedicure masters suggest trying to preserve and grow your nails as much as possible for the solemn day. But if this is beyond your power, then build up short, neat nails, making a slightly rounded shape.

Then it’s up to the design of the nails themselves. And in 2015, stylists offer the following fashion options:

  1. Lace manicure 2015. Lace decor or lace designs on the nails fit perfectly into the wedding theme. But be aware that this design is only suitable for along with lace or a lace wedding dress.
  2. Bride manicure in nude style 2015. Natural and pastel shades on nails are a great way to emphasize naturalness, which will simultaneously demonstrate your sense of style and fashion trends. To highlight the wedding manicure for the bride in 2015 in the nude style, complement it with sparkles, pearls, and a transitional ombre.
  3. Wedding manicure of the bride 2015 with rhinestones. If your wedding takes place in a traditional style, then without hesitation, you can make yourself a stylish nail design with rhinestones. Today, the masters will give you a fashionable solution on how to decorate your nails with small sparkling pebbles to match your individual style.

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