Beautiful manicure and pedicure — it’s easy!

To have the perfect manicure and pedicure, it is not necessary to go to beauty salons.
This result can be achieved at home, and this will help you nail clippers!

Nail clippers (nail clipper) is a handy and very popular manicure and pedicure tool that is used to treat nails and cuticles.
They painlessly cut and correct the nail plates on the hands and feet, remove hangnails and regrown cuticles.

You can purchase this product in our Wildberries online store for 381₽
(price may vary depending on promotions and regular customer discounts)

Advantages of the nipser (article: 72116472)
• smooth running
• convenient and clear mechanism
• metal is not subject to corrosion
• long service life

Above is the process of caring for nails and cuticles of our customer 🌷

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