Elegance is in sophistication.

Isn’t it the dream of every girl, woman to look beautiful «to the tips of her nails»? Manicure and pedicure have long become an integral part of the life of every woman.

Our hands. We make many movements with our hands during the day, we hug, we write, we cook, we work with our hands. They are always in sight. And from how well-groomed your hands look, one gets the impression of neatness and grooming in general. Today, manicure is well-deservedly popular among the representatives of the stronger sex, especially if a man is a businessman, a leader, he often participates in negotiations, actively works with people.

Manicure adds self-confidence, it’s not just a matter of hygiene. But also an opportunity to emphasize your individuality and beauty. And recently, beautiful nails can safely encroach on the role of a stylish accessory for a confident woman.

And the legs, women’s legs for centuries remain the most powerful tool for the seduction of men. Not a single beauty will confess to you what a price you have to pay for high heels and tight shoes. After all, it is women’s legs that suffer the most from corns, corns and protruding bones.

There is salvation. A necessary complex procedure for caring not only for nails, but also for the entire foot, without which a woman cannot do throughout her life. Yes, it’s a pedicure.

Love and can take care of your nails and heels on your own or prefer to trust professionals, you definitely need an assistant.

Today we bring to your attention the Device for manicure and a pedicure with cutters and a pedal.

The solid case and weight, the inclined screen of the display with the light indicator will help the device to take an honorable place among your assistants.

The copper handle of a convenient form will protect your hands from heating in an operating time.

The ability to work at speeds from 0 to 35,000 rpm will allow you to use the device for manicure and pedicure, both at home and by professionals. The smooth guide speed switch on the body is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed use.

An important factor is that there is no vibration at maximum speed.

6 durable original cutters of different calibers and purposes will satisfy any need for a professional nail care procedure. Please note that depending on the delivery batch, the set of cutters may differ slightly from those shown in the photo.

The protective mask included will protect your respiratory organs from dispersed dust. Don’t neglect this moment.

Low noise level with stable performance will be a nice bonus for a professional.

We pay attention to the recommendations for the continuous use of the device for manicure and pedicure:

There are no restrictions on the time of use at 5-10 thousand revolutions.

Break every 3 hours at 11-20 thousand revolutions.

Break every 1.5 hours above 25k rpm.

A beauty salon at home is a reality, not a dream. Manicure and pedicure at a convenient time without leaving home.

Manicures and pedicures are procedures that require constant attention, and, let’s say, not cheap procedures. The price of one such procedure in the salon is about 1000 rubles. During the year, the amount is quite significant. Buying a machine for hardware manicure and pedicure is fully justified and will pay off in the first year of use.

How do you like the idea of ​​opening a nail salon for yourself at home? Your opinion is important to us. Share in the comments.

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