3 steps to choose your style of clothing and more


Not only the level of self-esteem depends on the appearance, but also the attention that others provide, so the choice of clothing style is an important task that each of us has to solve. It is not so easy to create an original, expressive and stylish look that perfectly combines textures and colors. It’s time to turn to the professionals for advice.

Creating her own style, each girl realizes a certain visual image based on visual forms (clothing, makeup, hairstyle, manicure), behavior (speech, facial expressions, gait) and environmental features (home life, office atmosphere). To achieve success in this, it is necessary to take into account both your own desires and the requirements of society. Where to begin?

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is take a piece of paper and describe yourself, your interests. Do you work and does your work require an office dress code? Are you a housewife raising children? are you a student? Complete the list with your interests and hobbies: do you like rock music, go to the theater, go in for sports? All this will help you choose the style of clothing that suits your lifestyle: classic, casual, sporty, business or maybe rock style?

Step 2

Determining your own color type (winter, spring, summer or autumn) is the second step to creating a style. Choosing the wrong color of clothes will not change the appearance for the better, exposing all the flaws. Using a few pieces of fabric in different colors, applying them to your face in front of a mirror in daylight, you can determine which shades make the image fresh, and which — gray and dull. Having found out belonging to a specific color type, you can select a wardrobe in a certain color scheme.

Step 3

The third step towards creating a style is determining the type of shape. Armed with a photo of yourself in full-length lingerie, it’s easy to outline your figure and match the contour to a rectangle, pear, hourglass, or apple shape. The goal of creating a harmonious image is to use clothes to bring the figure to the most attractive shape — an hourglass. In places where there is not enough volume, it is added with flounces and bright accents. Excess «cut off» strict lines.

Rules for choosing clothes

Having created the right silhouette in the perfect color scheme, you can start choosing clothes. Depending on the age, lifestyle, position, clothing should be chosen so that it meets a number of criteria. What should she be?

  1. Comfortable, practical and true to size. The discomfort that a woman experiences in a certain image will not make her attractive.
  2. Harmonious. Basic things in the wardrobe will help to create win-win images in the chosen style. With the help of accessories, you can place accents and make the image complete.
  3. Age appropriate. The older the woman, the more restrained and strict the image should be. Trendy youth clothing will never look harmonious on an elderly woman.

And most importantly! Having chosen your style of clothing — wear it with confidence! You may not look like others, but your satisfaction with your own reflection in the mirror and harmony in your soul is an important component of style!


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