wedding makeup 2016

Of course, in the image of the bride, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail — from shoes to hairstyles. And make-up plays an important role in this.

Wedding hairstyles and makeup 2016

One of the most striking trends in bridal makeup in 2016 is the desire for maximum naturalness. This also applies to hair styling: loose, light curls falling on the shoulders in waves, or completely straight hair, decorated with weaving or a small pile at the crown, are in fashion. With such styling, a simple and fresh make-up looks great: an even complexion, glowing skin, a slight blush on the cheeks and pink lips. If the bride has expressive eyes, then simple black mascara is enough for their makeup to emphasize the eyelashes, but if the eyes need to be slightly expanded, then smoky transitions in brown and pink tones are what you need.

Another 2016 bridal makeup trend is the 60s look. A smooth bun-based hairstyle is complemented by makeup with expressive arrows on the eyes. At the same time, the lips are only slightly emphasized with pink lipstick or gloss, and the greatest attention is again paid to creating a radiant complexion.

If you want to get a brighter look, then stop at such a fashionable wedding makeup 2016 as a combination of wine or burgundy lips and smokey eyes using shades in lilac tones. This makeup is not suitable for every girl, so it’s better to contact a makeup artist to create a trial version in order to be fully armed on the wedding day.

Finally, another fashion trend in the coming year should be mentioned — eye makeup using white shadows. They are able to unusually open the eyes, emphasize the depth of color, make the image truly complete.

Topical makeup products

One of the real must-haves in the makeup bag of the future bride should be a finely ground cream or powder highlighter, with the help of which the very effect of radiant skin is created. It should be applied to the protruding points of the face, such as the back of the nose, the upper part of the cheekbones, the dimple above the lip.

Another topical product will be a make-up base. It is with the help of this tool that the textures of all subsequent applied layers become more resistant, and after all, a wedding is a rather long event and makeup must withstand heat, cold, and unexpected tears. Therefore, to work with the eyes, you should choose waterproof textures.

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