Do you want to draw attention to yourself? — Then a creative trendy voluminous manicure is for you. At present, its rich variety of variations gives great freedom for self-expression and inspires us to creatively give birth to bright and unique ideas. When creating a modern volumetric manicure, various decorative elements are successfully used in its design: silk threads and wire, original rhinestones and stickers, powder and balls, stones imitating precious ones. All this, of course, makes volumetric manicure more meaningful, giving an additional beautiful effect and creativity.

3D drawing

When creating a manicure with a voluminous unique pattern, all kinds of rich saturated images of compositions of flowers, leaves, feathers, animals and even inscriptions are skillfully applied to the finished background from a monochromatic coating. Such an interesting design, of course, will not leave you without everyone’s attention and will make your delicate beautiful hands even more attractive.

Volumetric pattern

Quilted voluminous manicure using gel polish is performed in various colors. For a clearer neat design of diamonds, a tape is used. Incredibly voluminous diamonds are originally decorated with rhinestones. Also, a mesh of rhombuses can be made with watercolors, which are applied to nails already covered with a monophonic varnish with a thin brush. For the main grid, a dark varnish is used, and then the outline is made light. A visual beautiful voluminous manicure is created.

A nail design based on stylish sliders looks more voluminous when the base in this manicure is matte, and the drops that highlight the pattern on the slider are glossy.

Very spectacular and beautiful manicure with a three-dimensional pattern «Reptile». This design uses cat’s eye gel polish and gold foil. By imprinting it on the gel paint, an imitation of the image of a shiny scale is achieved. Volume is created using a thick top or gel that fills large and small scale cells.

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